For a giant pumpkin grower there is always something related to pumpkins to do....It may be winter and there is snow on the frozen patch but soon we will be thinking about spring (if not already) and time will become short. For new growers there is much you can do to prepare yourself for the season ahead. Knowledge is key so consult your resources, read the basic information on this site and search others for more in depth information. Have you read everything on, how about the how to grow giant pumpkin books ? Have you thought about how you will water your plants? Maybe a simple irrigation system will be right for you. A great project is the hoophouse. Don't underestimate its value in early spring. Giant pummpkins need a long growing season so you will need an early start and that requires frost protection in most places. Timing is everything. You can't make up for lost time. A late start will lead to a late pollination when it is very hot in the patch and then you could have problems setting fruit. Did you do a soil test in the fall? If you did then you may already know what you will need to add to your patch this spring. If you didn't then be sure to do one as soon as you can this spring. Get advice with the results. Almost all new grower patches will need organic you know how and where you will get it? Manure is a fine source for this but you should only add well composted (not fresh) manure in the spring. Alternatly you could add lots of leaf compost.

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