Planning ahead... or how am I going to move my pumpkin?
We all want to grow a huge pumpkin but did you ever stop to think about how you're going to get it to the weigh off?   The more successful you become the bigger the pumpkin gets.  It's great fun to gather your friends at the end of the season and harvest your prize.   With pumpkins up to around 500 pounds it's not to hard to gather your friends and use a tarp to lift you pumpkin and get it loaded.   As we get older or the pumpkins get bigger a better alternative is to use heavy equipment or a tripod to do the heavy work.   We can't help you with the heavy equipment but we can show you how to build a pumpkin lifting tripod.   This design was used by a Team-Pumpkin grower to load a pumpkin weighing 1453 pounds in 2012 and 1539 pounds in 2016.   There are also some pictures of the tripod details in the photo section.

The triod is not the only solution. A one man pumpkin loading device can be made following the design developed by Matt and his father. This is a trailer mounted device which allows you to lift and load your pumpkin onto a trailer without help. There is a picture of it in the 'pumpkin fun' album on the photos page showing its double duty as a pumpkin boat launch.