Early Spring

It's never to soon to start...Here it is, early spring already. The days are getting longer and soon they will be warmer. As soon as your soil is dry you can begin the spring patch preparation. If you didn't get a soil test last fall you should do it as soon as possible. You need to know whats in your soil so you can make the right improvements. New patches almost always need organic matter. Manure is a fine source for this but you should only add well composted (not fresh) manure in the spring. Alternatly you could add lots of leaf compost. The young seedlings will not tolerate any frost so you need to have protection for them. Most of us use 'hoophouses' to protect the plants from frost and wind. There are instruction on how to build a hoophouse here on the website. While your here on the website don't forget to look at the events page for our seminar dates.