The spring grower seminars are cancelled for 2020

Team-Pumpkin regrets that we need to cancel the Spring New Grower Seminars for 2020 but the health and safety of everyone is important.  You can still find growing information here on our website and we will be happy to answer as many email questions as practical.


Gene Lariviere grows the PERFECT PUMPKIN !

What is the perfect pumpkin? For some it just has to be outragously big and for others it must be first Orange and only then a perfect shape and the bigger the better. Gene's 1576.5 pound beauty has it all. A bright orange perfectly symetrical shaped, ribbed show stopper at only 73 days old had everyone's attention at the Woodstock Fair this year. Congratulations Gene Lariviere !

Soil Test Mystries and what to do with all those numbers by Bryan Langley. Now that you have the test results what amendments and how much do you need to add to your patch.Use the "Downloads" links on the left to get The Soilamendment Estimator Rev15.

Interested in 'Soil Moisture Monitoring' ? Use the "Downloads" links on the left to download Matt's presentation.

Anthesis ? What is this anthesis thing that everyone is talking about ? How does it work, what will it do for my pumpkins, how can I get it ? All these questions and more are answered by Matt DeBacco on our anthesis page.

Who we are....
Team-Pumpkin is a small group of growers dedicated to sharing the joy of growing giant pumpkins and bringing that enjoyment to others .  We want to help you grow a giant pumpkin.  Some of you are returning team-pumpkin growers and others are new first time growers.  We will try to provide tips and information to help you succeed.  We have a great deal of experience in most aspects of growing giant pumpkins so please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you have.

Each year we engage hundreds of potential new growers and enthusiast at the fairs.  We distribute short how to grow timelines and giant pumpkin seeds.  This is followed in early spring by a series of seminars where we give an overview presentation of a growing season.  Most of the attendees expect to receive great seeds to grow for the season.  There are lots of free seeds to grow and to the surprise of everyone we also have seedlings ready to plant for all.  Not just any old seed but prize winning seeds.  The same seeds as grown by experienced growers.   Several of our new growers have been very successful and harvested the bounty of their hard work.  We answere lots of email questions and phone calls and even made personal patch visits when requested to offer advice.  We expect to be at the weigh off's again talking to pumpkin enthusiast and giving away more seeds.

The Durham Fair is a great place to exhibit and see giant pumpkins. Tens of thousands of visitors come to see the fruits of our labors. There have been more Ct. State Record Pumpkins  weighed and exhibited there than anyplace else on record. With the addition of a second weigh off site in 2012 at the Woodstock Fair we have the opportunity to reach even more new growers. If your club or group is interested in becomming a member of the family of Team-Pumpkin Certified Weigh Off sites please read the information on the 'More Info' page to the left.



We all dream of growing the biggest pumpkin at the fair.  There is only one 'first place' but a giant pumpkin of any size is something to be proud of.  Big or small, orange or not, each is a prize unto itself. It is a terrific learning experience for all and we expect to see everyone back again with bigger pumpkins. 

Lets all grow a big one (or 2) this year and bring it to the weigh off.